Video Worth a Million Words

We Create Videos that Share Your Story

Marketing Videos

Introducing your company to the world is no small task. Implementing the right video content marketing strategy allows prospective customers to easily understand your company. Funkytraveler helps by creating viral videos that are both engaging and that speak directly to your target audience.

Explainer Videos

It is nearly impossible to engage your audience if they do not have a clear understanding of what you do. Funkytraveler explainer videos convey complex concepts in a quick and concise way.

Event Coverage

Many people strive to find new, exciting content to reinforce their brand. You can easily leverage an upcoming event to highlight what your brand has to offer. Funkytraveler can record and live stream your event, lecture, or tutorials so that your message can reach a larger audience.

Video Editing

There is a reason well-known directors put a large emphasis on having control of the final edit. The story told in any video is based on the final edit.  Funkytraveler can take existing footage and mold it into a compelling story.

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